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Merritts Hill Music

Alborada del Gracioso

M. Ravel

Category: 10-piece Brass

Duration: 6' 30"

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This colourful piece has tempted other arrangers, but this version is intended to sound stylish without being too hard to play. It's best if you have two trumpet players who can triple tongue fluently, but failing that, the passages in question sound fine doubled if the tempo is on the quick side. Ravel himself didn't expect pianists to keep the triplets going all the time - pianos in his day were getting heavier.

The arrangement was written with the G piccolo trumpet in mind, but there are parts for A and B flat also.

The first trombone part is in alto clef in the score for neatness but the part is in tenor. The audio gives a reasonable idea of how the piece sounds.

Includes duplicate parts for E flat horn, treble clef trombones and E flat or B flat bass.

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