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Welcome to the Merritts Hill Music download site!

If you purchase a set of printed band parts it never contains exactly what you need, so you pay for copies you don't use and still have to make extra ones. With a download you can print exactly what you want.

When you buy an arrangement you will receive an email containing a link. Follow the link to download your music within seven days.

Your score and your set of parts are two separate documents. The scores vary in size - some are B4 or A4 and others are in a wider format (11x14in.) with more bars to a page and so fewer turns. Just print-to-fit on your paper. While you're browsing, try a sample page to see how it looks. All the parts are A4, with margins set to print on American letter size (8½x11) without adjustment. Although the scores use a variety of clefs to optimise spacing, the parts are all in familiar ones.

Click here to view a sample part

There are no grades for the difficulty of the arrangements, as most bands have players of mixed ability, and the writing reflects this. The sample scores and recordings will let you judge how your band would sound. The recordings are computer-generated just to introduce music that you may not be familiar with - they don't try to sound like a real band. There are more sophisticated computers, but we're in the live music business.

Many of the wind band scores include parts for a pair of E flat alto saxhorns (called "tenor horns" by British brass bands) and an additional B flat baritone (called a "tenorhorn" in Europe). This group of instruments is optional but highly recommended (even if your band has plenty of French horns) as they lend remarkable depth to the overall brass sound. The parts are simple but rewarding and offer an opportunity for young or inexperienced players.

Most of the arrangements also have parts for contrabassoon or contra-alto or contrabass clarinet (whichever big clarinet appears in the score, there is always a part for the other one as well). Any band larger than about fifty players should have a contrabass instrument of some sort.

All the music on this site has been performed at some time in the past, but if you do see something that looks like an error, please tell the