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Le Coq d'Or (The Golden Cockerel) - King Dodon & The Queen of Shemakha

N. Rimsky-Korsakov

Category: Wind Band  > Classics

Duration: 5' 30"

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Rimsky-Korsakov made a suite of four "pictures" from his opera "The Golden Cockerel" which was written following the events of the year 1905. His satire of the inept monarchy of Nicholas II was too effective, so it was duly censored and the composer did not live to see it performed. The French title has tended to stick as early performances outside Russia were given in that language, which was also spoken by educated Russians. Although Shemakha is a real place, Pushkin (the author of the original tale) probably just picked it for its exotic sound.

The third number, on which this arrangement is based, depicts the clumsy attempts of the besotted Tsar to dance with the graceful Queen, and hints at their forthcoming (political) marriage.